About us

Cabanon, Manufacture of Tents since 1959

Cabanon is a French manufacturer of strong, durable, waterproof, breathable underwired camping tents.
Cabanon is the brand of tradition in the different tent and folding caravan markets.

Since 1959, the company based in the North of France, has developed know-how in the design and manufacture of tents for all uses. This know-how allows Cabanon to offer quality products that satisfy our most demanding customers. True to “Made in France”, Cabanon designs and manufactures its products on its Dunkirk site. The company is constantly monitoring the changing demands of its customers. Thanks to its unique innovation capabilities, Cabanon constantly offers new products.

Cabanon know-how

The signature of our employees is affixed at each stage of manufacturing, guaranteeing everyone’s commitment to perfect quality and allowing precise traceability of each numbered product.

All the elements of the tent, from the stakes to the canvas, are manufactured in our factory in Dunkirk and therefore benefit from our unique know-how in France.

Our highly qualified workforce, with many years of experience, performs hand-stitched work ensuring a high level of finish and guaranteeing a very high solidity of our tents.

A high level of requirement

Decades of know-how in the choice of materials (cotton, technical fabrics etc …), components and suppliers which assure to the products an unequaled quality and durability. Our teams are also constantly working on the identification of new materials to create even more innovative products.

Permanent quality tests covering both the materials (visual inspection of each roll of canvas, waterproofing and rot-proofing tests) as well as the design and the finished products (each product is checked at the end of manufacturing).

The frame of our tents, made of special steel, ensures perfect tension of the canvas and easy assembly and disassembly. In addition, the design of our products guarantees breathability and constant ventilation of the tents.

Our internal design office designs all of our tents. We thus put innovation at the heart of our approach, also relying on a good knowledge of the camping market and an identification of the needs of campers. We are also able to manufacture tents in small series, thanks to this ability to technically translate the needs of our customers.